My Final Pokémon Youtube Adventure…

As many of you know I love Pokémon, and have played through a bunch of the games on my Youtube channel – RARMSTAR – over the past couple of years. Now, I’ve decided it’s time for me to hang up my boots and do one final Pokémon series, marking the end of a fun (and slightly bizarre!) era in my life!

Hope you like this wee announcement video/sketch for it, and that you’ll join me on one last Pokémon adventure!! 😄😄

Series starts Friday 8th June.


I Just Watched… The Pacific! (Thinking about WWII)

This week’s episode of ‘I Just Watched…’ looks at ‘The Pacific’, a mini-series from HBO which tells the story of a groups of marines during WWII who fought in the Pacific Ocean.

The tone is a bit more serious for me – it’s only natural when talking about a series topic like war – but hope you enjoy it all the same.

Have a great weekend.  You are loved.  You are awesome!! (: