The ‘RARMSTAR’ Origin Story

Yesterday I got one of those ‘Your memories on Facebook’ messages, which was reminding me that it has been four years since I first posted this photo on Facebook, which signalled the start of my foray into the world of Pokémon YouTube videos:


It seems so crazy to me that its been four years since I first started ‘RARMSTAR’.  To be honest, I’d totally forgotten that this was the very first logo I made for my channel (pretty incredible, right?!)

The name has a fairly boring backstory – it’s just my initials, with the word ‘star’ added to the end – but at the time I though it was pretty freaking cool!  I’m surprised that it has stood the test of time: even now I’m often referred to as Rarmstar by young people around my hometown of Westhill who know me from the youth events we put on through our church.

Looking back on my first video (you can see it at the top of this post), I think that I’ve come a long way since then.  I haven’t only made the obvious jump in age from 18 to 22, but I think that my life (and outlook on life) has changed a bunch.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m really glad that I took that leap of faith: to take one of my real passions in life (namely Pokémon) and turn it into something really creative.

Rarmstar lives…


*Song* – ‘Hard Times’ (Live cover)

I’ve really enjoyed trying to get better at playing the piano over the past couple of years, and even in the last few months I can tell that I’ve gotten noticeably better, which is a pretty cool feeling.

(I mean, I’m not saying that I’m now an absolute pro or anything: but it’s always fun to notice that you’re getting better at something you enjoy!)

Here’s a super chill cover of ‘Hard Times’ by Paramore.  Recorded it yesterday at our ‘Friday Night Live’ WCC Youth night just to see how it sounded, and was pretty happy with it!

Hope you think it’s alright too! (:

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how will you grow?

This week I’ve been away at a worship leaders conference called ‘The Week’ down in Birmingham with Worship Central.  It’s been such an amazing time: incredible, incredible teaching, and such sweet times of worship.

One of the images that Ken Costa shared was about how the hopes and dreams each of us have are sort of like acorns.  These acorns can either die as young saplings, or grow into strong oak trees.

I don’t know about you, but I want all of my hopes and dreams to grow strong…

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A new heart.

Sometimes our heart can feel so broken: battered and bruised; beyond all hope of saving; “I’m too far gone”…

But I believe that God loves YOU.  I believe that God made YOU.  I believe that God has the power to transform your life, to transform your heart and make it new.  To take away all the hurt, the pain, the struggle, and replace it with hope and joy everlasting.

He is willing.  He only asks that we call on His name.

“Father, Dad, I need You…”

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When Pokémon meets Star Wars…

I have really loved making and recording all of my Pokémon videos.

I would say that I’ve had four main ‘seasons’: my let’s play of Red, my (unsuccessful) ‘evolocke’ of Crystal, my (successful) ‘nuzlocke’ of Ruby, and my short-but-sweet playthrough of Sun (with little bits of Mario, Metroid, Battlefront and Contra intermingled in between!)  I think somewhere in the middle of playing Crystal I reached the peak of my YouTubbing proficiency, regularly uploading three episodes a week, and really enjoying every episode I recorded.

However, what I loved maybe even more than playing the actual game was crafting this weird, crazy backstory behind all my videos.  It all started with me doing a Marvel-post-credit-esque scene after I ‘died’ in my Crystal evolocke (all of my Pokémon fainted in heart-breaking fashion as I battled the the Elite Four – “Hard times!”)  In the clip I was confronted by a mysterious character, who offered me a chance at Pokémon-playing “redemption”.

Over time these extra scenes escalated further and further, and eventually I ended up recording the above video, affectionately and pretentiously named: ‘To Catch A Jigglypuff”.  There are deaths, wild animals, a lightsaber battle, secret maps, pop-culture references, and all sorts of other craziness.  Out of all the videos I’ve made so far in my life it’s my favourite, and the one I’m most proud of.

Hope you enjoy it! (:

(Ps: the Pokémon Platinum Egglocke will happen… maybe…….. someday…)


*Song* – ‘Thorns/Flourish’

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with a little piano part, and out of it came this song.  I’ve called it ‘Thorns/Flourish’.

It’s really just a song of hope: a prayer for you (and me) to hold onto hope, even when bad thoughts and feeling are trying to drag us down and take over us.

You can always have hope.


My head’s the place I hide away
When my eyes can’t believe what they have seen.
My head’s the place I make a home,
Where seeds that I have planted grow
And bear no fruit that I can eat but
Thorns which wrap around my feet,

Hold on my dear;
You can flourish even now.
Hold fast to hope.
Thorns can make a golden crown.
A golden crown.

So take your time; it’s what you do.
I will be waiting right here
‘Til you say ‘yes’ to yourself,
Believing you were made the best,
And you’ll grown a new heart,
One that thorns can’t tear apart…

Hold on my dear;
You can flourish even now.
Hold fast to hope.
Thorns can make a golden crown.
A golden crown.

Hold on my dear;
You can flourish even now.
Hold fast to hope.
Thorns can make a golden crown.