‘keep (pray)’ // R A R M S T * R


Really, really been enjoying making these little songs/pieces of music over the last month or two.  Posted this one on YT last week, and got another one today which I’ll post on here too!

Hope you like this one called ‘keep (pray)’.  Like the almost chant-like nature of it, and its message of holding onto faith and hope.

“I’ll keep walking (going)
Though it feels I’m stumbling
Though it feels I’m falling
O, I’ll keep walking
Though my heart is breaking
Though my soul is tired
O, I’ll keep praying…”

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how will you grow?

This week I’ve been away at a worship leaders conference called ‘The Week’ down in Birmingham with Worship Central.  It’s been such an amazing time: incredible, incredible teaching, and such sweet times of worship.

One of the images that Ken Costa shared was about how the hopes and dreams each of us have are sort of like acorns.  These acorns can either die as young saplings, or grow into strong oak trees.

I don’t know about you, but I want all of my hopes and dreams to grow strong…