Who said the road would be easy?

Found this old painting I did a good few years at ‘Imagine’ when I was tidying up my bedroom yesterday.  I’d totally forgotten about it! Guess it was the first time I really painted or drew just for my own enjoyment.

Seems like a lifetime ago.

The painting is pretty explicit in its theme: it’s about how the road might be difficult, but we’ll get there in the end…

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Soul Survivor Scotland

I’ve had such an awesome week down at Soul Survivor Scotland as a youth leader with WCC Youth.  They are such an incredible group of young people; it’s a constant privileged to get to hang out with them.

It was absolutely amazing to see 1,000+ young people meeting with God in a really powerful way, encountering his real love for them, and making brand new friendships with people from all across Scotland.

Really hope I can be a part of it all again next year!

Ps: here’s a wee lil’ sketch of our campsite… (:


My first post: “I’m going on an adventure!”


Earlier this year I did a painting of Bilbo Baggins (who coincidentally shares his name with one of our cats!) running out of ‘The Shire’ to begin his epic adventure with Gandalf, Thorin and the rest of the dwarves in ‘The Hobbit’.

I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out.  It had been about ten years since I’d last tried to paint something, and even then it was just messing around in secondary school.  It’s something I want to get better at.

Seemed like something good to start this whole blog journey with — I’m hoping it’s going to be a fun adventure…