‘You Are With Me’ – New Release #2

Hello everyone – Happy Tuesday!

Here is the second of the songs in this batch of new music I’ve been releasing over the past few months.  It is called ‘You Are With Me’ and came out on the 8th November.

The thought behind the song is that there is nothing that can get between Jesus and His love for us.  No mountain that we face in our own lives, however great or small.  No fear, no guilt, no sorrow.  Not the wooden cross Jesus was nailed onto in order to try and end His ministry.  Not even the power of the grave, which has been conquered through the Resurrection!  No matter what we go through, Jesus is there with us.

In terms of the music, it’s got a bit of a different feel to ‘No Lies’, with a bunch more electric guitar stuff and using some drum samples and other cool sounding things (I’m always learning so many new things as I produce and mix these songs!).  I really hope you like how it sounds and you like the song.

You can stream or download the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and a whole bunch of other places.

Thanks for reading and listening everyone! (: