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Soul Survivor Scotland

I’ve had such an awesome week down at Soul Survivor Scotland as a youth leader with WCC Youth.  They are such an incredible group of young people; it’s a constant privileged to get to hang out with them.

It was absolutely amazing to see 1,000+ young people meeting with God in a really powerful way, encountering his real love for them, and making brand new friendships with people from all across Scotland.

Really hope I can be a part of it all again next year!

Ps: here’s a wee lil’ sketch of our campsite… (:


Pillar of Cloud // Pillar of Fire

Absolutly love this picture in the Old Testament when Moses was leading the people of God out of exile into the promised land (Exodus 13).

It’s an amazing reminder of God’s promise to never abandon those whom He loves: He is the light that guides our path.

If we lift our eyes and focus on Him, He will not lead us astray…